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The History of Seiberling Farm

Nathan Seiberling was born in Lynn, Northampton County, Pennsylvania on April 14, 1810.  His boyhood was spent on the family farm while learning shoemaking from his father.  In December 1829, he married Catharine Peters and soon the young couple were pioneering to the undiscovered Ohio Territory.  By 1831, they had purchased about 100 acres in Norton Township, Summit County where Nathan devoted his days to clearing and improving the land for farming.


Though his formal education was limited to less than a year, Nathan Seiberling exhibited a remarkable acumen in business matters.  He often worked late into the night mending shoes for his neighbors to provide for his family.  In 1837, he built a large sawmill on Hudson Run.  Nathan’s sawmill was one of five on Hudson Run but his revolutionary new saw provided him with a competitive advantage.  Nathan Seiberling’s life long prosperity allowed for him to assist future generations with their business endeavors.


Nathan and Catharine had fifteen children from 1831 through 1854.  One of the most successful, John Frederick Seiberling, was born in 1834.  While running his father’s sawmill, he invented the “Excelsior” mower and reaper in 1858.  By 1861, John F. Seiberling had patented a “dropper” attachment for the rear of the cutter bar on reaping machines.  This invention was the foundation of his fortune and led to the John F. Seiberling Company in 1865.  


The 7th generation of Seiberlings was just as successful.  Franklin Augustus Seiberling, the eldest son of John F. Seiberling and Catharine Miller was born in October 1859.  By 1884, F.A. Seiberling joined his father’s company as secretary and treasurer.  Charles Willard Seiberling, the second son of John F. Seiberling, was born in 1861.  By 1884, he too had joined the John F. Seiberling Company as director.  These apprenticeships provided the brothers with the know how to start their own business.  In 1898, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was organized with Frank Seiberling as president and Charles W. as treasurer. Competition was fierce but the Seiberlings were to see Goodyear grow to one of the world’s largest rubber companies.


The Seiberling entrepreneurship transcends time.  Ellis and Evelyn Seiberling, who lived at the old homestead, operated a dairy operation in the 1960’s.  Evelyn started advertising eggs for sale along the roadside in front of their farm.  Based on overwhelming demand, she quickly realized that the residents of Norton, Ohio and surrounding communities craved fresh farm goods.  She soon was offering sweet corn along side the eggs.  This ability to understand the market has made Seiberling Farms what it is today.  We grow and sell acres of delicious yellow, white, and bi-color sweet corn as well as a large variety of vegetables, melons, and cut flowers...all picked fresh every morning.  Stop out and see us at historic Seiberling farms and take home some good, healthy eating for your family!


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